Midnite Special


Founding band members, Lex and Michelle Greaves are two of the 14 children born to revered country recording artist, the late Rusty Greaves, with whom they began performing on stage with when they were pre-school age. Fourteen years ago they established Midnite Special and have been working in clubs and concert-halls throughout New Zealand ever since, accumulating a wealth of experience and developing a high level of professionalism. The band has seen a variety of line-up changes throughout its decade and a half tenure, the latest of which is among the most versatile and dynamic. Lex is the groups Musical-Director/Bass player and shares lead vocal duties with Michelle. Highly organized vocal harmonies are provided by the other band members, giving the band a unique warmth and robust sound, which is hard to surpass.


Robert Katipa comes from a very talented family also and has established himself as one of the countries premier country-rock guitarists, during his fifteen year career. Robert, like Lex and Michelle grew up in the Country Music scene, absorbing the mentorship of his father, Bob Katipa also a notable guitar player and musician. Robert is a very versatile and sought after guitarist, frequently hired as a backing musician for music festivals and recording sessions. We are thrilled to have him in the band.


Chadd Te Paa also hales from an extremely talented family establishing himself as a drummer in all genres of music.  Like Lex, Michelle and Rob grew up around the Country Music scene.  Chadd is a solid performer and singer in his own right.  His version of Wipe Out and stage performance will blow you away.


Michael was fortunate enough to receive a world-class apprenticeship in the music industry during his engagement with the Bob Pariss band in the 1970s. Pariss’ band provided backing for the A-list of New Zealand entertainers during the era, including Billy T James and the Yandell sisters. The experience afforded to him provided the necessary skills to break into the international club circuit, with residencies in the United Kingdom and Bruneii throughout the late seventies and eighties. Since his return to new Zealand he has continued to perform regularly throughout the country, as well as acting as entertainment manager for several hotels, including Wellington’s Plaza Hotel and Auckland’s Carlton Hotel and Hotel Du Vin. After so many years of working solo he is excited to be in this dynamic team of musicians.

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